About TechView

TechView is a news site covering technology from the Middle East. The site features news and original content on the topics of consumer technology, digital, eCommerce, startups and other related areas.

Our primary focus will remain original content and news from this region; expect no recycled and rehashed technology news found on many other websites. We believe there is a lot of technology creation and consumption within our region and we aim to bring out those stories and place them up, front and center.

What you should expect from us, and hold us accountable to is stories on all things technology and regional – gadgets, startups, mobile, social networks and media, telecommunications and more. Should we feature news from international markets, we will ensure it has local relevance and flavour to it.

If you want to get in touch, drop us a line at hello [at] techview.me , or alternately you can send us a message with the form below.

Meet the team behind TechView

BKBhavishya Kanjhan – Founder and Editor

He works in Retail. He was an Android fanboy who has since moved over to the iOS world! Follow him on Twitter @bhavishya


Shiva Singh – Founder and Editor

Social Media, Digital Marketing & Advertising Professional with a passion for devices & technology. His current phone is a HTC One. Follow him on twitter – @shivasingh



Varuna Singh – Writer

I work with technology in ICT4D. My current phone is the Nokia Lumia 1020 and I’m currently hunting for a perfect post-PC-plus device. I also have a physical notebook and a Hero pen. Follow me on Twitter – @varunasingh



Mohit Jivani – Writer

Mechanical Engineer by profession. Freakishly obsessed with the latest and greatest in technology. Keenly interested in Home Automation and 3D Printing. There is an underscore in his twitter handle: @mo_hit



Yasser Masood – Writer

Who am I? Some say I’m a walking breathing Wikipedia in Qatar, knowing anything from the obscure to the mainstream. I’m just a tech-savvy gadget loving and dissecting geek, juggling a day job with some community passion work. You can follow me on Twitter: @YasserM86



Dr Maneck Bodhanwala – Writer

A Dairy Analyst with a passion for numbers, cars and all things electronic. Admires innovation and automation, and is a doctor with no cures. Find me on Twitter – @maneck



Nakul Gupta – Writer

An IT Sales professional with an obsession for the best, technology has to offer. Currently rocking an iPhone 6 plus and a BlackBerry Q10. Love to take pictures of anything and everything. Dancer by heart with mobile technology always on my mind. Follow me on Twitter – @nakulgupta86



Dr. Jugal Parekh – Writer
Professionally involved with product & services design & development, with special focus on healthcare. Passionate about information – whether technological, philosophical, or business related. Currently, my setup combines Apple’s hardware with Google’s cloud, oh, with Windows 7 on Parallels (for the mac). Follow me on Twitter – @jugalp


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