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0 BUTTONS Headphones Review

Your BUTTONS are turning on.

That’s the sound you hear when you switch on the Buttons headphones by from the music band Black Eyed Peas.

Built and design

You can tell by looking from a distance how good the built quality of these headphones will be. As you come close you start appreciating the rugged nylon cable; Premium rubber feel to fill your ears and the nostalgic vinyl looking exterior headphones design magnetic disc.
The feel is nothing short of brilliance. And the best part is, they endure longer and always looking new.

In the box

There are several unique ways how you can pack a pair of headphones, and many audio companies do that too by including their personality on the packaging. has done that too and in a fascinating way. Before getting into what you get in the box, when you open the first flap you’ll see a small magazine attached with the flap. I thought that was cool. I believe these little touches help psychologically liking the brand more. For your ease and comfort, BUTTONS Bluetooth in-ear headphones come with small, medium and large interchangeable earpads


Before going into the review let’s talk about the battery life. It gives me somewhere around 6-8 hours of playtime and a week of standby time. Standby time is valuable for me as I listen to music like once a day. It works perfectly with Apple devices with Siri activation. The magnetic discs also clamp securely around your neck. It has Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) capable of transmitting data 2 or 3 times faster than previous versions of Bluetooth.

Sound Quality

It has exceptional audio quality, and I mean that in a right way. I have used many branded headphones namely JBL, Beats, Bose, etc. and I can tell whats good and bad about them regarding sound quality. What’s somewhat different and incredible about BUTTONS is that you can’t say what’s right or wrong because it’s just perfect. I remember when my friend asked me what’s so great about these headphones I just replied: “It just works” and works marvelously from deep bass to clear vocals irrespective of what music genre you’re listening. I don’t know, but somehow it knows what you’re listening to as music listening is great as it is but watching movies or listening to a podcast, it sounds great, and your mind doesn’t notice that you’re wearing headphones. It is after you’re done you appreciate the music and the whole experience.


Price + BUTTONS Bluetooth Wireless Headphones will cost you 749 AED.


As with every product, it depends on what suits you and what do you like. Buttons are for those you want style and great music at the same time. The magnetic disc is light in weight, so you need not worry about using them when running. Some people might desire an app for smartphones to customize it as you like but I find it cumbersome, spoiling the whole experience because one would start tinkering with the settings all the time.

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