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Olloclip for iPhone 7/7plus Review

You might find plethoras of third party lenses for iPhones in the market. But there are very few who make the best lenses on iPhones. Meet Olloclip for iPhone 7/7 Plus. Making sure you don’t miss to make any regular shot to a great shot. Oloclip for iPhone 7 comes with three types of lenses namely fisheye lens, ultra wide-angle and macro 15x.


The most important change they’ve brought for 7 and 7 plus is now it supports iPhone 7 with the screen protector, which is a significant inclusion as I had spoiled many screen protectors when I had Olloclip for 6 and 6 plus. The device is a little heavy and bigger than before which I don’t mind at all. The lenses are detachable from the body which makes it stretchable, physically. Therefore, fits in perfectly with screen protector
The lenses quality got better as well, so you need not worry about any scratches.
Not that Olloclip for 6 had bad lens quality but for 7 plus they took it to a new level.

Fisheye lens

So, I am going to look this from two angles. One, comparing it to the Olloclip for 6 plus, image quality wise if you have used Olloclip before for any older iPhones. And two, quality wise in general if you this is your first time planning to buy Olloclip for 7 plus. Compared to Olloclip for 6/6plus, the new version gives less blurriness at the edges and Clearer overall picture.

Super wide lens

Here the improvements are same as the fisheye lens. The camera takes stunning wide angle shots every time. Autofocus works perfectly as you’d expect even with an extra layer of glass. Writing about it won’t do it any justice than showing how it performs with pictures. I won’t say it’s any wider than the attachment for iPhone 6 plus, but even if it’s less wide, I don’t have any problem as long as there are no blurry edges.
The coolest feature about the Olloclip for 7 plus compare to 6 plus is that it fits perfectly on both the cameras, read and front, unlike for 6 plus where you had to slide the lens and adjust it to fit.

Macro lens 15x

Now by far, my favorite attachment is the 15x macro lens which is hidden beneath the ultra wide angle lens. Just unscrew it and viola, glare on the clear 15x macro lens.
You might wonder what’s so special about it. There are many other lens attachments in the market for iPhone 7 plus with macro lens. But there is nothing like Olloclip. The results you can get with the Olloclip macro lens is breathtaking. You will get an in-depth look at how it looks Whether be it taking a picture of a flower, camera, any texture.
Heck, you can even see the pixels on your smartphone screen. A macro lens is best for both fun and taking some creatively challenging images.


If you are unsure whether to buy it or not, be no “unsure” anymore. Just go for it. If you are a heavy consumer of Instagram and Snapchat stories, then Olloclip can add more creativity in your stories which will differentiate you from the rest. If you are a blogger and don’t want to invest in a fancy camera, then you will find a perfect match with this accessory.

The Olloclip for iPhone 7/7 plus retails for 449 AED.


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