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Published on May 26th, 2017 | by Yasser Masood


Snapchat Discover in MENA and Ramadan surprises

It’s already been a couple of months since Snap (parent company of Snapchat) officially opened their doors in Dubai, catering to the Middle East region. It’s now that time of the year, when Ramadan engulfs the world and social media will be abuzz on it for the next 29/30 days. Snapchat had done some level of activity with Stories last year during Ramadan, but their official office in Dubai is looking to expand their Ramadan activities. Twitter is also making a return to the Ramadan conversation as well.

Snapchat’s Discover in MENA

Opening up the Snapchat app and swiping to the Discover section, Snap has officially partnered with seven media brands in the MENA region. With their presence, we’ll see daily updates on their content. You can even see which media brands have been featured from the following screenshot.

Snapchat's Discover launches in the Middle East with seven media brands

Snapchat’s Discover launches in the Middle East with seven media brands

A quick glance shows that majority of the content is in Arabic, which clearly demonstrates the demand for localized content.

of course, people would want to know user numbers as well. Snap announced that it has over 7M daily active Snapchatters in KSA and 1M daily active Snapchatters in the UAE.

Ramadan special themed filters and lenses

According to reports from Communicate, Snap is also planning special Ramadan themed creative tools for the MENA region. This ranges from special Geofilters, Ramadan-themed Lenses, and Our Stories covering Ramadan celebrations in different regions. All these are slated to be released on 26 May, which puts it a day before the kick-off to Ramadan.


Source on Snapchat numbers and Ramadan: Communicate

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