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Published on May 27th, 2017 | by Yasser Masood


Time for Ramadan 2017 across the Middle East

It’s that time of the year again – when 1.5bn+ Muslims worldwide people abstain from food and drinks from sunrise till sunset. It moves back by 10 days each calendar year, and Social Media spikes in activity on it for the next 29/30 days. We’re talking about the Holy Month of Ramadan.

As much as it’s a calmer and quiet time, it won’t be that quiet on social media and across other digital platforms. Here’s what we’ve ‘discovered’ (no pun intended).

Trending and buzzing on Twitter

Twitter mentioned that Ramadan related tweets in 2016 saw more than 10.7 Billion views worldwide. Compare that to the 8.4 Billion views worldwide in 2015, that’s a 27% jump in consumption volume. You could easily attribute the surge in volume to their signature hashflags (i.e. hashtags with special emojis) that come alive every year, driving user activity and engagement on Twitter. We can’t leave out Periscope, as they had special emojis introduced last year and they’re back again with some new ones.


Hashflags have returned again this year, but looks like they’ve expanded it to a few more languages and even added additional ones. Just a quick look at the gallery will give you a glance on all the variations.

Snapping away in Ramadan

If you open up the Snapchat app, you may just see a surprise message from Team Snapchat.

Preview of a video message sent by Team Snapchat

Preview of a video message sent by Team Snapchat


As we recently noticed Snapchat’s official launch of Discover in the MENA region, they’re also planning special as well. Just like last year, they have their special Geofilters up and running across the region. What else could they do? We could see special content on the Discover section, but their latest update on user created geofenced Stories may yield some surprises as well. We may even see special Ramadan content under Discover as well.

Donating with Uber

Getting around becomes a challenges as well, with traffic backing close to Iftar time and that’s when you’d definitely want to use a ride-sharing service like Uber. However, that’s not where it stops. Uber has partnered with Omo and Comfort (consumer brands under Unilever) along with local charities in some of their cities in the Middle East to collect donations. If you see your city listed below, you can visit Uber’s respective city blog to see how you can take part:

For all those who will be Fasting, expect to see plenty of food visuals and special deals by brands.

With all that… RAMADAN KAREEM from all of us!

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