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Published on March 4th, 2017 | by Yasser Masood


Ooredoo Qatar brings fixed line and wireless network upgrades

We’re always craving for faster connectivity as we’re on the move, and not every country int he world has kept pace with improving their telecom infrastructure. Not resting on their laurels, Ooredoo Qatar has used Mobile World Congress 2017 to announce 2 major upgrades/launches for their home market – the roll-out of 4.5G for smartphones and faster Fibre speeds for fixed-line services.

Faster mobile connectivity with 4.5G

We’re already using 4G/4G+ with our smartphones and seeing the speed and bandwidth improvements, Ooredoo Qatar didn’t rest on their plans. Many carriers worldwide have been lagging behind with roll-out of faster wireless connectivity. Ooredoo Qatar has used Mobile World Congress to unveil 4.5G Pro, which would allow wireless speeds unto 800Mbps, and it would be powered by the Nokia AirScale platforms.

By taking this leap in wireless connectivity, it’s also laying the foundation for the future implementation of 5G connectivity. After completing trials in December 2016, Ooredoo Qatar has seen speeds of uptown 1Gbps in wireless connectivity and would be made available later in 2017. This roll-out cements them as one of the first in the Middle East and one of the very few in the world to launch this.

Ooredoo Qatar have also confirmed that the initial coverage area for 4.5G Pro would be in the busiest areas of Doha and would include the following: Doha Corniche, Katara Cultural Village, West Bay, and The Pearl Qatar. However, you’d probably be able to utilize these speeds if you have devices that can support it but we can definitely expect to see them available in 2017.

Faster downloads at home with fibre

Ooredoo Qatar already provides fibre connectivity to many households, and now they’ve upped the ante with the new 10Gbps speed option. The new option has been given to select VIP customers in Doha after completing successful trials in December 2016. Wider roll-out to all customers will take in later part of 2017, as a launch date would be influenced by the current coverage area of Ooredoo fibre. The new option will set customers back with a monthly cost of QAR 7,500 and also comes with Ooredoo TV, which will allow you to watch/download 4K content without any hiccups.

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