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Lenovo YOGA BOOK with Windows 10 Review

The Lenovo Yoga Book is a device in the making. It feels like it passed all the hardware tests and Lenovo rushed its well-built laptop/tablet out a little early. That doesn’t make it a bad device, but its killer features cater to only a few with very specific needs. It tries to replace your notebook, and a pro stylus person like me faced a few bottlenecks in my experience.
Lenovo Yoga Book UAE launch price availability

Here’s the thing, the Lenovo YOGA Book is a very well built device. It’s a device with vision but it isn’t complete. The keyboard works and is responsive, the screen is gorgeous and responsive, the drawing pad feels like a real drawing surface and is responsive. Somehow getting all these features right, the pen experience is half baked. It doesn’t work as a stylus that Windows recognizes on screen. You can annotate but its just not that accurate.

That really annoyed me. I can’t just fold the yoga book and decide to jolt down notes on the screen and see it in real-time. Its just not that responsive. It gets recognized by Windows but it doesn’t do a good job as even a 10-year-old Windows XP stylus. The screen and the pen doesn’t even have palm-rejection – the feature that blocks your hand while you draw on the screen. That’s really the problem with the Lenovo Yoga BOOK. Lenovo made the best drawing pad (called the Create Pad) and keyboard but really missed on the old fashion experience of taking a pen and writing on the screen.

What the Lenovo Yoga BOOK is – It’s the creative vision of what a laptop/tablet can be. It’s slim and sleek. Its size and form factor urges you to carry it and take it with you wherever you go. Its creative features work but at the expense of not being able to draw properly on the screen. It’s more than a gimmicky 2-in-1. The HALO keyboard is surprisingly easy to use as it learns from your typing. The keyboard disappears into black as you turn on the drawing mode and the surface is both a joy to draw on as well as touch.

While the YOGA Book looks beautiful and compact, it’s a bit of pain in terms of ergonomics. Opening the BOOK takes an effort and fidgety fingers. The physical paper can’t always be attached to the BOOK as you can’t close the YOGA BOOK with it in. The top right is magnetic so that’s a good alternative.
The version of YOGA Book Im reviewing is the Windows 10 version. Windows and Pen have always had a casual and professional relationship. Everyday professionals use it to draw and there are plenty of Pen based applications both legacy and casual note taking. The YOGA pen works well on its PAD. Its accurate, is pressure sensitive and a joy to doodle on.

The paper attachment works well most of the time but is a feature that needs to be introduced for you to get really comfortable with. It’s a great idea and it extends the use of the laptop in ways we haven’t seen before. The drawing Pad in some ways is the bulkiest bit of the whole device. The YOGA Book is thin and very well designed. It’s a joy to carry and place around your workspace.

The Lenovo YOGA Book is a 10.1” Windows or Android Laptop. Its screen is sharp at 1920×1200 resolution and scales applications fairly well. Its an IPS display which means viewing angles are great and so is visibility with 400 nits of brightness.

Its powered by an Intel Atom x5 processor and the digitizer is by the king of digitizers – Wacom. The pen has over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity – while you’re not going to able to differentiate all of them, it offers an amazing drawing experience.

The processor is an Atom x5-Z8550 (quad-core, 2MB cache, up to 2.4GHz with Turbo Boost) with 4GB of RAM. The RAM bit could be better with 8GB. Internal storage is a moderate-low 64GB which makes these specs more of a tablet than a laptop.

The pen is comfortable and a little thick than your average pen. It doesn’t take much time in getting used to. It even has a normal pen clip that’s useful in placing in pockets and pen loops. The Pen can also magnetically latch to the back of the device.

Charging the Lenovo YOGA Book takes a bit of time. Its port isn’t USB C and the device is just thick enough to fit in a micro-USB port. The charger is a 2A 5V charger.

You can really push the device and it does start to slow down. Ideally you don’t want to use the Lenovo YOGA Book as you would use your main computer. It’s very quick for most of your computing need. I managed to really slow it down with 6 applications and 15 Chrome tabs open while streaming a 4K video over YouTube.

Lenovo’s watch like hinge is top-notch. It got first introduced in the Yoga Book and its stood true to the YOGA name. It manages to rotate and keep its place even after years of use. Its looks great on the device and is assuring to use. You can rotate the device completely to tablet mode and because the YOGA Book is thin enough, you can use it well as a tablet.

The Lenovo Yoga BOOK has about 8500 mAh battery which is a joy to have. While Lenovo says it gets around 15 hours of battery, I’d argue and say it got much lesser than that. I could get about 6 hours of battery in my use and if I was being considerate, I could squeeze 8 hours – a full working day of battery use.

In conclusion, is the Lenovo YOGA Book for you? If you want a lovely looking Laptop that has excellent build quality that you can carry around and jolt notes and annotate on its Drawing pad, the YOGA book is for you. You can get it in Android as well and Lenovo has made more changes to work with the Create Pad on Android than Windows. If you like the growing useful Windows Ink based pen applications, the Windows version doesn’t do that bad either and in some ways offers more value for your note taking tasks.

The Lenovo Yoga BOOK is available in the region for AED2199 across the region in most electronic stores.

I’m tempted to urge you to wait for the next version of the YOGA Book. Like I said earlier, the YOGA Book isn’t complete. If you see value in the Create Pad and can picture yourself drawing like a pro on the drawing Create Pad as well as on paper over it, the YOGA book is a great option. In fact, the YOGA Book is a really good attempt in demonstrating what a 2 in 1 can be. In one word – Unique.

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