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Published on January 5th, 2017 | by Yasser Masood


Samsung’s new laptops at CES 2017 – Chromebooks and Notebook Odyssey

Alongside a plethora of home appliances, Samsung makes more than just smartphones and other electronic devices. During their keynote at CES 2017, Samsung has taken the stage to unveil their new line of laptops – Chromebooks, Notebook 9, and hailing the return to gaming with the Notebook Odyssey.

Chromebooks and Notebook 9

Google’s Chromebook range has grown in popularity, and Samsung has decided to heat things up in this segment with 2 versions of Chromebooks – a Chromebook Pro (powered by an ARM SoC) and Chromebook Plus (powered by an Intel Core-M processor).

Samsung Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro

Both models are Google Play compatible, allowing you to use more than 2 million Android apps on these Chromebooks. In addition, both variants come with QHD resolution display and can easily convert from a notebook to a tablet and vice-versa. Bringing a bit of their mobile touch from the Note family, the Chromebooks also come with a stylus.

For Windows users, there’s also the new Notebook 9 laptop powered by the new Intel Kaby Lake processor along with a discrete GPU by NVIDIA. Samsung claims that the machine is light enough to be held with just 3 fingers.

Samsung Notebook 9 with a discrete GPU

A Gaming Odyssey

Gaming is booming, and we’ve seen many brands create dedicated gaming machines with portability. The thin and portable form-factor brings about its own set of challenges, and Samsung has risen up to tackle them with its new Notebook Odyssey. The laptop comes in 2 sizes – 15-inch and 17-inch – with slightly different configurations. Both models are powered by the 7th gen Intel Core-i7.


You can expect that a machine meant for gaming will easily generate plenty of heat. That’s where their new HexaFlow cooling system comes into play, which also helps to provide easy access to upgradeable components on the Notebook Odyssey. When you compare this to another machine by a certain ‘fruit’ company, buyers can easily upgrade the RAM and SSD post-purchase as well.

If you’re looking for even more power for your gaming, there’s even a dedicated “Supercharge” button on the top left corner to crank up the performance. The only unanswered question is the estimated battery life for such a powerful desktop replacement.

Pricing and release dates for these machines haven’t been announced during the press event, but we can expect to hear more about them down the road.

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