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Published on January 1st, 2017 | by Yasser Masood


Packed and ready for #CES2017 – 50th edition of CES

January is not just the start of the new year for everyone, it also sets the stage for what is to come with consumer technology and latest tech trends. They will shape society, culture, and people’s lifestyle worldwide as many new trends are up for discussion and they’re accompanied with live demos and hands-on time. What better place and event to set the stage than the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in Las Vegas. This time, it’s a major milestone for CES as it’s the 50th edition and that means many new announcements and unveilings to take place.

There are those necessities that you must take (clothes, toiletries, etc.) but this is about the mobile studio to help me cover everyday’s walk to the main event. It’s a team of 5 flying out between Doha and Dubai on long haul flights to the USA, so I’m taking what’s best for us to cover 50th anniversary of CES.

What’s inside the mobile studio?

Now you may think that we’d need pro-level hard cases with pro equipment to cover this. Our recent feature on laptop shopping and previous coverage for CES should tell you one thing about us – we use the best that’s available at hand, even if it’s not at the pro-level. I didn’t spare any expense for this edition, as I decided to pack the must-have and good-to-have equipment for us to cover a week packed with new products/services and tech demos.

Don’t let the bag at the top of the page fool you – it’s my actual hand carryon packed with all the items needed. Everything from cameras and accessories to power packs and cables we’re crammed snuggly into this bag.

Let’s start with the cameras. My trusted Canon EOS 650 doubles up for great photography and FullHD video to cover the show floor. The GoPro HERO4 Black will help with some of those moving shots. Finally, for some 360 content, the LG 360 Cam wraps up the visual capturing segment.

Cameras (Canon EOS 650D, GoPro HERO4 Black, and LG 360) for CES 2017

Canon EOS 650D for photo/ FullHD video, GoPro for moving shots, and LG 360 for 360 photo/video


To supplement it all, I’ve got a plethora of accessories to keep the equipment working. Everything ranging from extra batteries and power chargers for the cameras, international socket adapter, power pack, headphones, microphone for voice overs, and spare hard drive to archive and share content between the team. Let’s not forget an army of SD and microSD cards to provide the storage needs for the cameras.

Accessories for CES 2017

Accessories for CES 2017. Can you name them?

Since we may not have our laptop on hand to cover events/announcements, that’s where you have trusty mobile devices with you. I’m taking my iOS combo (iPhone 6 and iPad) and my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (not shown cause I used it to take the photo).

iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 for CES 2017

iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 for CES 2017

Last but not the least, we all need our trusty laptops to help with the heavy-lifting for editing our photos and piecing our video footage. As much my smartphone and tablet can help with some photo retouches, we can’t pull of a pro-level video edit on them. That’s where my 15-inch MacBook Pro comes in for all the heavy work. Everything you’ll see posted on our accounts will be exported with polish for your viewing.

15-inch MacBook Pro - heavy-duty work for CES 2017

15-inch MacBook Pro – heavy-duty work for CES 2017

All the known brands from consumer electronics to mobile and technology providers will be present. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for live updates.

With that note… Happy New Year 2017 from the team.

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