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Linksys Velop – Whole Home Mesh WiFi launch at CES 2017

If you’re living in an apartment or a villa with over 2 bedrooms, you’re probably familiar with WiFi coverage issues around the house. Mesh networking technology isn’t something new, but it’s being implemented in a bunch of new devices from companies like Google, Eero, Luma, Netgear, and so on. Linksys is the latest to offer a new whole home mesh wifi solution for consumers this CES with their oddly named Velop, a dynamic tri-band, 2×2 Multi User MIMO supporting 802.11ac Wave 2 router.

How do mesh wifi systems work?

In a conventional router – extender setup, your internet connection goes into your main router, which gives you a coverage of about 1-2 bedroom (or a small 3 bed apartment at best). Any further, you’ll have to install either a range extender which drops your throughput by 50%, if not more. This is primarily due to usage of shared bands for receiving and re-transmission of data over wireless. Hand overs between multiple range extenders and your main access point also could cause a signal drop while roaming around in the house.

With the Velop tri-band wireless mesh systems, each “node” talks to the hub or an adjacent node via a dynamic 2.4GHz or 5GHz band for inter-note communication, or via wired ethernet if available. This way, the drop of throughput is minimal, and reaches close to 100% at the cell edge.

Each Velop node uses a SoC from Qualcomm, with a 716MHz quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor, three WiFi radios (1 x 2.4GHz + 2 x 5Ghz), two gigabit LAN ports, 4GB of flash and 512MB of DDR3 memory, along with Bluetooth 4.0LE for setup and configuration.

With home broadband plans reaching up to 1gbps being available in the Middle East in Qatar & UAE, a tri-band mesh wireless solution should be the preferred choice for customers in large apartments and villas.

The Linksys Velop launches in the US this week with prices starting from $199 for a single unit, $349 for a twin pack, and $499 for a 3 pack. Linksys plans to launch the Velop in Europe by end of this January and in the Middle East by end of February.

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