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HomeIQ wants to help you get your home connected

Smarthome hardware and software was a pretty popular category at CES this year. We saw devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home become centerpieces in the proposed living room – playing music, controlling devices, and even allowing shopping for users. However, not all devices are compatible with these controllers. In fact, the category is plagued with multiple standards. Modern controller hubs help solve some of these challenges by featuring compatibility with multiple standards. However, users still need information on which hubs and compatible devices to pick up.

HomeIQ is a Dubai based company that aims to help users address these challenges and in turn, get your home connected. We spoke to Omar Saudi, one of the co-founders, about what his company does and why the time is finally right for the smarthome.

Smarthomes, as they used to be, were “expensive and not very useful”, according to Saudi. He adds that while you could turn on your coffee pot or open your curtains, the new generation offers far richer capabilities at a fraction of the cost.  The main difference, though, is that this generation of smarthome tech is “intuitive and easy to install. Anyone who can operate a smartphone can setup a smart home.” Most importantly, it’s  wireless now and users don’t have to dig up cable routes across their homes to retrofit the technology. In terms of functionality, because they’re connected to smartphones, users have far richer capability such as being able to monitor and reduce energy usage, notify users about floods or fire, and more. The availability of the smartphone in the ecosystem has changed it dramatically.

HomeIQ is both a reseller and integration provider for smarthomes. It is an authorised reseller for leading smarthome brands including the very capable Vera lineup. Through their website, HomeIQ provides a guide for selecting devices for various homes and use cases, and for users that need more help, they provide after-sales support and integration services. Their differentiation, Saudi says, is that they “test a lot of the products in-house and only then integrated them based on what is the best, most dependable, and functioning product”. The devices sold by HomeIQ are tested for compliance in the GCC and the wireless frequencies are in compliance with the TRA regulations. HomeIQ most recently introduced a smart irrigation system that can reduce water usage by about 60%.

The idea for the company comes from a belief in “the power of disruptive technology” and what it means to the everyday consumer and their homes. Saudi says the last technology to bring such an impact was WiFi. The new generation of smarthome technology is going to bring an impact that is of a similar scale to users. Of course, there’s a reason why there is such a strong interest in the market. According to YouGov,  the smarthome market will be worth over $122B by 2022.


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