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Anki Overdrive Supertrucks Review

Anki, company which brought us Anki OverDrive earlier has introduced SuperTrucks in addition to their cars collection. Anki Overdrive which we reviewed was a fun arcade style gaming for kids and adults. What we observed in our consideration that for adults playing the game can get a bit repetitive after some time and setting up the track every time can seem like a “Task.”
On the other hand, for kids, it’s a super fun game where kids can go for hours and hours with this game only taking breaks to charge the car’s batteries.So when I got the Supertrucks to review, the central question I asked myself was, “Will it be any different than playing with Cars .” I will answer at the end of my review.After setting the track and charging the SuperTrucks, I placed them on the track with other cars, ready to play with the Anki Overdrive app open on my iPhone.The first thing I noticed was the acceleration is bit slow because of the obvious weight of the trucks. But once it starts moving and gets into momentum, there is no stopping it. The rest features of the truck are same as of the cars. Trucks have special powers, and booster to enhance gaming experience just like cars. I have observed that because the trucks are heavy, they still manage to stay on the track at the top speed, unlike the cars.All in all, surprisingly I enjoyed playing it and am genuinely excited to play it again. Only if I had few additional SuperTrucks, I would love to play with my friends with SuperTrucks only.​​So yes, it is a different experience playing with trucks than with cars. With cars, the adrenaline level is more because of speed and zippiness of the vehicle. But with SuperTrucks, you feel more in control.

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