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Published on November 18th, 2016 | by Yasser Masood


Siri, I need a Careem ride

Now that Apple’s Siri is open for developers to use with the latest iOS 10, many jumped on the opportunity to update their apps to tap into the new opportunity.

Careem’s latest update brought a hidden surprise, one that wasn’t mentioned in their Release Notes – you can now use Siri to hail a Careem ride. The integration was born out of a strategic partnership signed with Apple. As much as Siri will be spending time interpreting different pronunciations of Careem (and even correcting it) with actual use, we can confirm that it works when we took it for a spin in Doha.

The best part is that it’s available in all markets where Careem is officially present (that’s more than 25 cities including the new addition Turkey). The feature goes further than just saying “Hey Siri, book me a Careem.”, as you can even say “Siri, book me a Careem ride to the airport”.

What’s the catch?

You would think that you could easily do more with it. However, there are some catches on this new integration and we’ve discovered them after taking the updated app for a spin.

  • The app may be available in four languages (English, Arabic, French, Turkish), but that doesn’t mean you can use Siri with them. As Arabic Siri was officially released with iOS 9.2, Careem have officially confirmed that the integration currently works only in English.
  • When using it in English, it will always default to the Economy option for the ride selection. However, you can easily touch the card which will open the app where you can customize the request. We’ve tried to tell Siri to book a Premium and a GO ride separately, but looks like it’ll default to Economy.
  • One difference when it comes to Maps usage – the app uses Google Maps but resorts to Apple Maps when using Siri to request a ride. This is most likely with the Developer Policy when you wish to use key features of iOS.
  • You can’t schedule rides with it, as it only works on instant booking requests.

That doesn’t mean they’ll stop right there, as they’re already working on additional features related to it.

If you haven’t updated the app, head over to the Apple App Store.

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