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Quick Charge 4 announced with the new Snapdragon 835

As devices roll out with bigger batteries, pack faster processors and apps get even more power intensive, the implementation of fast charging is crucial. According to a study by Sino-MR, fast charging influences 61% of smartphone purchase, and 26% of users are troubled with slow charging devices. 

With the launch of Quick Charge 4, built in to the new Snapdragon 835 processor, users can now get an additional five hours of usage in just a 4 minute charge. This will kill all low battery anxiety some users have..

Quick Charge 4 delivers a 20% faster charge time, up to 30% higher efficiency using Qualcomm’s parallel charging tech called Dual Charge++, as compared to Quick Charge 3.0. Quick Charge 4 integrates into USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery (USB-PD), making the solution available to most popular battery charging cables & adapters. 

Quick Charge 4

If 5 hours of usage in 5 minutes isn’t enough, Quick Charge 4 would be able to charge a smartphone to around 50% battery in just under 15 minutes. 

With faster charging being a hot topic, there will be concerns on safety. Qualcomm has implemented a range of safety features on both the adapter and the mobile device to ensure protection is implemented at multiple levels and throughout the entire charging process. This is achieved by measuring voltage, current and temperature while protecting the battery, system, cables & connectors. An additional layer of protection is added to prevent the battery from over charging and regulate current throughout every charge cycle. Devices charging on Quick Charge 4 will charge up to 5C cooler too. 

Quick Charge 4 safety

Quick Charge 4 features the 3rd release of INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage), a power management algorithm developed by Qualcomm. It includes real time thermal management which helps improve charging optimization by automatically sending the optimal power transfer level for a given thermal condition. 

Currently, there are over 100 Quick Charge compatible mobile devices in the market and 300 unique accessory providers, and with the added support of USB-PD and USB Type-C, we should see this go up next year with the launch of Snapdragon 835 on smartphones. 

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