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Misfit Ray – Review

In October, we got a chance to be part of the launch of various iPhone 7/7 plus accessories coming to UAE market. Out of a plethora of accessories, the one I like is Misfit Ray. In our day-to-day daily life, we need some accessory to track our activities during the day. That’s where Misfit Ray comes in handy.

The design of Ray is straightforward and minimalistic with thin straps which you wear like a watch. In the primary center, the sphere is where you install batteries to charge Ray. Misfit says that the battery can last up to 6 months before battery replacement is required. The device itself is waterproof and swim ready up to 50 meters with a small multicolored LED light.

What can it do?
In simple bullet points, it can do the following.

  • Monitor sleep duration and quality
  • See steps taken and distance traveled
  • Tag specific activities, like cycling or yoga
  • Track calories burned
  • Take selfies, control lights and music
  • Get Vibration alerts for calls, texts, and alarms
  • Misfit app access

Monitor sleep duration and quality
The sleep tracker works quite accurately showing minute you were awake with light and Restful Sleeping stats. Before going to sleep, you can tap on I’M Ready, and that will take you to the interface where you can get alarm time and tone. In the morning it will start vibrating on your wrist to wake you up. The alarm doesn’t suddenly go off making you wake up grumpy and tired.

Steps count and distance traveled
This is quite basic, but it efficiently counts daily steps and the distance you have traveled. I would have appreciated if it would automatically detect cycling and give me stats for that as well.

Misfit App Access
The app works fairly well with Ray. I like the whole minimalistic UI of it and that every feature is just a few swipes away.As you open the app you the go on devices and sync your activities manually. In the Home tab, you can few your daily stats. I have set my target to 1000 points. It shows your activity stats and sleeps pattern. When you are ready to go to bed, just click on I’m Ready. Misfit app also lets to connect to other Misfit user in your social group and keep a check on their activities. You can also check your pulse manually using the app. take a look at the short video for a demo of the app features.

Misfit Link App
I would highly recommend installing the Misfit Link App. It works great to get something extra from your Misfit Ray. You can assign one of the various tasks to perform when you triple tap on Ray. It is quite self-explanatory. I use it to track cycling activity. Here is a short video demoing how it works.

Get Vibration alerts for calls and texts
If you are not sold into Smartwatches, then you should not mind getting this just for getting haptic notifications for Calls and texts. Mind you that using this feature will fetch more battery.

Final Verdict
At the price of 329 AED I would highly recommend getting this if you want something efficient and productive and at the same time want to look stylish.

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