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Published on November 3rd, 2016 | by Varuna Singh


Lenovo launches the Yoga Book in the UAE for AED2199

Lenovo choose a creative artistic venue for the launch of the intriguing new convertible the Yoga Book – and what an apt venue it is. Today Lenovo Middle East launched the Yoga Book in the UAE and it’s priced at AED2199.
The Yoga Book was first demo-ed at IFA and turned heads for all of us. The Yoga Book is a PC. It’s also a tablet. It’s also a creative drawing pad. It’s also a digitizer, a notes and paper transcriber. Oh, and it also has a touch keyboard. The Yoga Book is a lot of things. Oh, and it also comes in Android or Windows 10.

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It’s a laptop, tablet, drawing pad, transcriber, has a digitizer, comes in Android or Windows

Sounds confusing? It might be. Lenovo isn’t trying to throw many features at you to get you to be interested in either one. A lot of its features follow a very consistent theme. The Yoga Book is aimed at the creators who doodle, draw and love taking notes. Heck, it’s even called the Book.


The form-factor is exactly like a Book. The design is crazy neat. It opens like a book and for a tablet that gets over 10 hours of battery, it feels remarkably light. Its 10.1” wide and 6.72” tall. It’s quite thin at 9.6mm when closed and very light in 690g. Its constructed in a sturdy Magnesium Aluminum Alloy body.

The Yoga Book comes in two colors Black and Gold or Gunmetal Grey and Champagne Gold as Lenovo calls it. It has a 10.1 Full HD screen that is crisp with 16.7 million colors. It’s an IPS display and lenovo makes one of most neutral displays. Not too over saturated, nor dull.

This thing looks gorgeous

The YOGA book comes with a digitizer. It’s a stylus where you can draw on the Creator pad as well as use a normal pen tip and draw over any paper. The Create Pad has a capacitive Touch and EMR Pen Technology.
The Yoga Book is a YOGA device – that means it converts into YOGA’s four form factors – laptop, tablet, tent, presentation.


Its powered by an Intel processor. It’s not a core i or even a Core m. Its powered by one of the last Quad Core Intel Atom processors, Atom x5 – Z8550 Processor clocked at 2.4Ghz with 2M Cache. Although that’s not faast by any measure, it is aptly suitable for the Yoga Book as it is fanless and atom does basic tasks very well. It’s also satisfying to see the Yoga Book gets 15 hours according to Lenovo with a 8500 mAh battery.

I don’t know how I’d use it but I want it

While the Book is a beautiful product, a price of AED2199 for 64 GB and 4GB of RAM feels a little on the high side for a tablet and at the same time quite cost-effective when you start evaluating its features. Some of the features might be worth the price if you are genuinely going to use them. While the iPad pro starts at AED2299, the price of the pencil and keyboard adds up making the Yoga Book a cost-effective alternative. Having both Android and Windows versions caters to both the app ecosystem and professional applications ecosystem.

The Yoga Book’s target customer is still a mystery. It’s a mix of the everyday internet user, someone who types, draws and annotate a lot. A creator. I kind of find myself in that category. A lot of people might not fit in any of those categories but the Yoga BOOK is going to turn some heads and look gorgeous.

The Lenovo Yoga Book releases in 2 weeks in the UAE. Both Android and Windows Yoga Book starts at AED2199. The android version comes with LTE and WiFi. The Windows Yoga Book does not come with LTE but has WiFi. A LTE Windows Yoga Book is scheduled to come later.

Let us know what you think of the Lenovo Yoga Book!

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