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Published on November 19th, 2016 | by Yasser Masood


Bloggermania at Zomato’s ZomatoCon Doha

We’ve seen many of the Middle East brands have engaged with social media influencers / bloggers in the UAE/Saudi Arabia/Kuwait (cause digital/social media are more prominently used there). They may be relatable to the region because of cultural similarities

However, there never seems to be any use of such influencers from Qatar for the region. Looks like Zomato decided to unearth the hidden blogger scene in Qatar by bringing them under the first ZomatoCon in Qatar, and we got to discover some interesting insights for the country.

Where does Zomato stand in Qatar?

As it was a Zomato event, we’ve got a brief update on where Zomato stands in Qatar and the numbers speak for themselves (numbers show were from November 2015 – October 2016):

  • 5,000 new users (referring to those who have created accounts)
  • 63,000 pictures uploaded (everything from a cup of tea to the most ornately organized plate of noodles)
  • 20,000 reviews published (On average, there are 3.7 pictures per published review)
  • 3,100 restaurants (grand total)
  • 400 sessions per month

Blogging is led by females

Just attending the ZomatoCon had a discovery on its own – more than 90% of the attendees are young females who blog/microblog in Qatar. I was probably one of the few male attendees. They cover from food/dining, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle or even a mix of the topics. Most either have a dedicated blog (self-hosted or third-party, either with default domain or custom domain) or many have used established social media platforms to build up their presence for their ‘blog’ presence. Instagram has been the most popular one, especially with a skew towards fashion and beauty. Among expats, there are many mother bloggers (i.e. Known as mommy bloggers) who have an expat spin to their blogging content.

Lessons from bloggers at ZomatoCon in Qatar

Lessons from bloggers at ZomatoCon in Qatar

The event focused on taking a local perspective on how social media influencers and bloggers have risen up in Qatar, and they’ve become a new marketing outlet for global brands to reach out to the major local markets.


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