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iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode Demo (Bokeh Effect)

So I have been using iOS 10.1 beta one which is only for developers for a couple of days now. The only new feature that can be found in this update is the introduction of portrait mode in camera. As the name suggests, this is not only to take portrait pictures but of anything with smooth bokeh effect. This feature was teased by Apple in their IPhone 7 / 7 plus launch and that it will be available for general public by the end of October.

The short while that I have used this feature, I find it to work marvelously with faces and definite edges objects. If you try to use Portrait mode to take a picture of your glasses, for example, it will not work. Apple iPhone 7 Plus’s telephoto 12 mp lens with f/2.8 works for portrait but good images can be achieved in good lighting conditions. in medium lighting conditions, pictures come out too grainy which spoils the bokeh effect. Some post editing by reducing and increasing the ambiance can work to your favor.


A small flaw in the camera UI, in general, is that when you swipe to change the camera mode from photo to portrait. You will have to be very precise. Otherwise, you will be zooming on your subject. Once you are in Portrait mode, be approximately 8 feet away from the object for it to work.

The layering feature which Apple boasted works surprising well. You can notice the intensity of blur on the background is different depending on where the background subjects are placed. This feature will get better with every Beta update before it reaches to the general iPhone users.

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