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Anki Overdrive Review : Race back to childhood

Say you walk into a store and you start playing a live demo of the Anki Overdrive. You’re 10 minutes into it and you have no  knowledge of how its setup works, but you start enjoying the experience. You like how the cars race on the track and you’re surprised seeing that they remain in their own lanes while driving. You are impressed. The vibration feedback on your phone is in sync with the cars in action as you play and listen. You are really impressed.

There are few questions that will arise in your head immediately and here are the answers.


How much does it cost?
Anki Overdrive will cost you 899 AED. The price includes Anki overdrive Starter kit with two cars.

How do I set the track?
You need to setup a simple track for the first time before making any complex arrangements. For complex tracks, you will need to use your imagination to get it all prepared and ready to give it go.

How to get the cars moving?
Make sure the cars battery is charged before placing them on the track because if you do, they will not move ahead. Once the cars are charged and placed anywhere on the track, the cars will do an automatic scanning of the track first. For the first time, it is really amazing to watch the cars move on their own and stop at the start line in separate lanes. Even if you place cars in the same lane, they will detect each other’s positions and automatically choose a lane on their own.Anki-OVERDRIVE-CarsHow is the gameplay experience?
The arcade-style fun of Anki Overdrive is primarily down to the partner app (for Android and iOS), which eases you into a full-blown campaign, placing you as a hot new contender in the dangerous world of supercar racing in 2046.
The cars move fast but manage to stay in their lane. While turning you need to be little careful because the car may go off track. When this happens, Anki gives a sticky pad in the box to clean the tires.
You will have a level of control over the cars and tilting the device left and right allows the car to change lanes. That is perfect when you are trying to align a perfect shot at the car in front of you with your car weapon.
Speaking about car weapons, the game has a levelling system which changes on the basis of you upgrading your car. The more you use a specific car, the higher its level.
As you should know, these cars do not actually fire anything so it is up to your imagination. The sound effects coming from the device with the additional haptic feedback can be enjoyable.


What are extra accessories you can buy?
You can buy extra cars, Thermo and Nuke are available now with another couple arriving soon. You can also buy extra tracks. Extra track pieces on offer include 180-degree turns, extra lengths, curved pieces, banks, elevation kits and, a launch kit – that’s right, an actual jump, in the actual air.

Is it worth it?
This can be a tricky question to answer. When you start playing this, it does take you back to those days of playing with HotWheel cars. I personally had an amazing time playing, but it is not something which you can get addicted to.

After a somewhat sabbatical, you will need to assemble the track again as you cannot just leave the track setup in the corner of your home for a long time, which can be a task for some people. It can be treated like Monopoly, get few friends to play with you and go crazy for few hours. And there is when you start thinking about the cost. Some people will completely dismiss even the idea of getting it just by looking at 899 AED for Starter Kit.
If only Anki had introduced it with a price tag of say 599 AED, it would have been a worth the value we are getting from the experience.

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