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Review of the Catalyst iPhone Waterproof case

I’ve pretty much moved over entirely to the iPhone and Apple ecosystem. The apps, for the most part, tend to be more polished and work better – I’m looking at you, Snapchat – and the accessory ecosystem is second to none. However, there are a few capabilities found in Android phones that I wish the iPhones had; notably,  Dual-SIM and water/dust proof capabilities.

Fortunately, the second capability is a lot easier to implement as an add-on. There are a ton of cases in the market that make your iPhone waterproof and dust proof. I was not only able to get my hands on one, specifically the Catalyst iPhone case, but also test it in some pretty extreme environments.

The Catalyst iPhone case seals your phone in a protective environment and offers rubberised protection . However, the user can still use the phone very close to normal operation: the touch-screen still works, music can still be played and heard, and you can even unlock your phone with TouchID.


I took the plunge, literally, with my iPhone in the case and the phone came out unscathed. I took the phone kayaking and river rafting and in both situations, the phone was subject to a fair amount of water and was even submerged for about a meter or so. The case offers protection of up to 5 meters. In another scenario, I had it on me as I got on an All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) while riding through one of the forests of Bali. I did drop the phone a few times in rather moist mud and was able to rinse off the mud with nothing more than water.

In every situation, when I removed the phone from the case, it was exactly how it had been when it went in. Sometimes exactly the same really is better!

With cases like these, it is not just protection but also use while in case that can is important. Let’s start with the screen: use of the touchscreen on the phone was not the same as you would expect to be outside the case. If there are droplets on the surface of the case, you need to wipe them off with your fingers for accurate response, otherwise the phone may not register the touch or swipes at times. Similarly, if you’re nursing droplets on your fingers, they may interfere with the touch. The issues aren’t more than minor inconveniences, though. On the brighter side, the camera visibility is great. Photos and videos come out clear and crisp and there’s no visible loss in quality. This is thanks to its hard-created optical lensr.

Finally, the case doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phone. It sits at about 11.4mm thick, which while more than the 6.9mm thickness of just the phone, doesn’t outweigh (ha!) the benefits.

The Catalyst iPhone Case is rated IP68 and is a great case to have on you when traveling. If you can bear the added mm, it’s not a bad one to have one for daily use as well, especially for the slightly clumsy ones among you.

The case retails for AED 299 and is a little pricey. However, it may be cheaper than repairing a wet phone. It is available at Virgin, iStyle, and Geant Hypermarkets

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