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Published on June 7th, 2016 | by Yasser Masood


Ramadan on Social Media 2016

It’s that time of the year – when more than 1.5bn Muslims worldwide begin to Fast from sunrise to sunset. So to does social media see a surge in activity around these 29/30 days worldwide. In 2014, Twitter added emojis to the #Ramadan hashtags for English and Arabic which drove plenty of engagement worldwide. Following that in 2015, even Snapchat got involved with a Live Story and Twitter brought back hashflags that yielded more than 8.4 billion views in 2015 on content posted about Ramadan. There’s even an animated timeline for 2015 (below). What new surprises does Ramadan 2016 have for Social Media?

Ramadan activity

Just like the previous years, the hashflags (i.e. emoji hashtags) have returned to Twitter with additional variations. That means Ramazan and Ramadhan also get emoji attention as well in English and Arabic. This could help drive more volume of activity worldwide, especially when Ramadan is spelt/pronounced differently across many cultures.

Periscope is also getting some attention when you use the hashtag with your stream titles. The usual hearts that show up when tapping the screen are replaced with crescent moons. All you need to do is include any of the hashtags in broadcast title (below), and you’re well underway to seeing animated crescents fill up your smartphone screens with every tap.

Periscope's first custom heart design during Ramadan 2016

Periscope hashtag replacing hearts with crescents

Let’s not forget about Snapchat. If you’ve opened the app, you’ve probably seen the Ramadan story under the discover section featuring snaps from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, USA, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. If you live in the Middle East, you can also submit your snap to the live story as well.

Facebook has reactivated its Ramadan targeting cluster under its advertising dashboard, allowing brands to further promote their content across the region to those engaging around the same topic.

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