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ICT Health HinaiX – Connected Healthcare for All

Spending on Healthcare IT services and products in the Middle-East region is set to grow at double digits. It will be the second fastest growing sector after government in terms of IT spending, with United Arab Emirates being the second-fastest in the region. Saudi Arabia at No 1 is set to expand at around 13.4% annually.

 second fastest growing sector after government in terms of IT spending

Healthcare IT software has traditionally been a closed system, which work within the hospital walls. Although hospitals have focused on adopting these systems to improve operational efficiencies and patient outcomes, they have been unable to leverage the connected world of today to truly bring continuity of care, shared knowledge and learning, or integration into the legal and regulatory framework of the society/ country.

ICT Health unveiled HinaiX to health care providers and Ministry of Health officials at an event held at The Palace Downtown in Dubai. The company is set to launch the ‘HinaiX’ service in the second quarter of 2016 in GCC countries.

HinaiX aims to bring together the four main stakeholders of the healthcare industry – providers, patients, regulators and the payor. Vice Chairman of ICT Health, Mr Fareed Al Hinai captured the essence of their new product offering HinaiX perfectly – “Healthcare takes place as much outside hospitals as it does in the facility. Through HinaiX, we can also help enterprise care providers, both governmental and private sector to aggregate and analyze health data, trends and patterns from specific demographics to larger populations. These findings can then be used to better manage population health, obtain granular cost visibility and benefit from big data analytical models for better policy planning and research.”

“Healthcare takes place as much outside hospitals as it does in the facility.”

A freemium model that HinaiX is planning to explore for software delivery is very rare in the healthcare industry. Apart from the capital investment, safety and privacy factors are difficult to circumnavigate. However, ICT Health promises to address all such issues in HinaiX by providing it via a secure and nation-specific cloud deployment, and keeping the data encrypted to all but to the regulators.

With HinaiX, ICT Health plans to link ambulatory and acute care encounters with home care and wearable data through secure exchange of meaningful and standards-based health information. Aided by the increased availability of higher bandwidth in GCC countries, better connectivity and smart mobile devices, this meaningful collaboration amongst healthcare stakeholders will help bring to fruition new age care access and delivery channels. This would also help create alternative business models for care providers to sustain their competitive advantage.

Gautam Dey, MD & CEO of ICT Health was very enthusiastic and confident of the new platform, and his vision included of bringing the social connectivity that we enjoy with Facebook, or the service quality of Uber, to the healthcare industry in a secure and effective manner. He further adds “ICT Health’s digital destination has always been collaborative social care. Our upcoming cloud service ‘HinaiX’ draws inspiration from mainstream social media technologies and is designed to work in convergence with our flagship HINAI Web platform enabling interconnected networks of practitioners, care facilities and service providers which we believe will enhance the levels of patient care. With regional governments encouraging investment in healthcare IT, there is a growing demand for integrated solutions from healthcare providers,”

ICT Health is one of IMEA (India, Middle-East, Africa) region’s leading provider of healthcare technology products and services. They have 100+ clients across geographies, with presence established in India, Middle East, Singapore and recently USA. Their products and services have been endorsed by several world-leading authorities, and they are also recipient of the Frost & Sullivan “Enabling Care” Technology Award for Middle East and South Asia.

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