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Watch Huawei Mate 8 Launch Event in less than 6 minutes

Huawei has been on a roll and kicking off their press conference in CES 2016 with the launch of their flagship phone, the Mate 8. In the video you can see how head of Huawei Consumer goes through 8 different points and how the crowd reacts to them. We have shortned our footage and its all you need to know about the featues and specs of the Huawei Mate 8.

The Mate 8 will be launching in the UAE along with the inital launch from Huawei. The device itself has Huawei’s latest Kirin 950 processor with the latest ARM architecture and MALI graphics core. Its 16 MP camera took great pictures in our tests. The Mate 8’s screen has been made better with 95% contrast boost. The device comes with 3 GB of RAM in 32 GB capacity or the 64 GB model with 4GB of RAM.

The Mate 8 is officially Huawei’s foray in the Western market. They have had a big increase in sales around the world. Sales as well as brand recognition has increased for Huawei including 51% in Saudi Arabia. Huawei is going to push more in the region with phones like these. The Android experience could be jarring to a few loyal Android fans out there especially since the Western market tends to move more towards cleaner Android experience.

That being said the event was energetic and Huawei has some key partnerships to kick things off from technology to fashion. The Nexus 6P also got a visual update with a Gold version even. Its interesting how the Nexus brand is valuable and important in Huawei’s mission in going to further markets. Isn’t that what the Nexus program was meant to be anyway?

Huawei kept bringing up the Mate 8’s ideal customer a business man. Huawei broke down their portfolio as: Mate 8 is for Business, the M2 tablet for lifestyle, Watch for Fashion and the Nexux 6P is “Amazing Android Exprience” .

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