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Published on January 10th, 2016 | by Varuna Singh


GenZe e-bike: We take it for a spinn! #CES2016

Here at CES 2016, Technology has officially gone outdoors on wheels.

I tested out the GenZe- Electronic e-bike from parent company Mahindra . Its public transite and bike lane friendly. So we went to an open ground where I could ride it.

The e bike is powered by Samsung Batteries that should get 30 miles 50 kilometers on a single charge and they can be charged from any existing outlet.

The e-bike is quite powerful for what it looks. You basically have two modes: One mode is pedal assist where the e-bike will give you a boost when accelerating and the other mode is pure electric power.

The pure electric power mode is fun and convinnient. The pedal assist mode starts kicking in whenever you accelerate and that can be a little jarring at first, but you have 5 levels to choose from. They also have an app that syncs usage in addition to the screen display on the bike itself.

Because the GenZe E-Bike has a motor, it can assist you in many ways from taking it along in “walk mode” to lifting the bike up on stairs without using any bit of effort.

GenZe are based out of San Francisco- a place very hilly indeed. But according to GenZe the e bike actually increases a bikers average usage per day in any scenario.

The e-bike will goes for $1500 and they also have a scooter for $3000 . They intend to go global soon. All in all it made me enjoy cycling again.

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