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What to expect from Huawei’s Flagship Event Today at #CES2016

Were at Las Vegas for CES 2016 to look back at 2015 and get a little crazier this time round. Thanks to Huawei we will be at their press conference today where we will get to see new flagship products from today’s announcements. We will be tweeting all the way though @techviewme .

Huawei has been on a roll this year. They announced their online brand – Honor, announced the P8, opened their own service store in Dubai another new phone- the Mate S and the really well made Huawei Watch W1. All this is 2015. It’s really crazy.

CES2015 - TechViewME

At CES today, they are going to announce what is rumored to be an update to the Mate 8 and the Honor 8 (or an update to the Honor) and an update to the Watch W1.. The rumor suggests Huawei has plans in bringing the Mate Series as well as the Honor sister brand to the US and the world. There are also rumors on a smaller female version of their Watch. Beginning last year worldwide sales increased by 69% during the first two quarters of 2015 from $9 billion to $12.2 billion. According to Huawei, the Middle-East has played a “significant” role in those numbers.

“Huawei likes to do things big”

Just to recap, the Mate S got a Kirin 935 processor clocked at 2.2 Ghz Octa-Core. It’s not a Snapdragon but it does the core tasks really well. It’s also light on the battery and heavy on its antennas something Huawei has a good reputation of. The RAM remains a satisfactory 3 GB. The screen on the Mate S has been increased slightly from 5.2 inches on the P8 to 5.5 inches. With the large bump, the battery is just marginally increased from 2680 mAh to 2700 mAh. The screen’s resolution remains an apt Full HD 1920×1080 which is frankly adequate and better for the battery and is at 401 ppi. The Camera on the Mate S was a 13 MP F2.0 lens with dual LED flash. With a sapphire crystal lens, Optical Image Stabilization the camera is more or less the same in specs but the sapphire lens adds more clarity. We are still to test this. There is now a 128 GB storage option on the Mate S which is a nice to see. The Mate S supports more LTE bands than the P8 which makes it a very good global phone for traveling.

Huawei Honor 7 ME Honor7ME launch online souq (25)

Specs aside, what has Huawei uniquely bought to their phones?

The Mate S in addition to its internals boasts a finger print reader that also accepts gestures. An up down gesture, for example, brings up the notifications panel and it kind of works well but might get some getting used to. This experience is unique to Huawei and is something that works acceptably. The Mate S also has a pressure sensitive screen that Huawei calls Force Touch. In theory it’s the same technology as with iPhone 6s’ 3D Touch and it enables a lot of new ways of interacting with your phone. Force Touch isn’t that famous on Android and hence your experience is limited to only the built in apps by Huawei. The more recent Huawei phones come with their Signal + technology that boosts signal using the antennas around the phone to give you a better reception quality. These are all great features.


“The Mate had a lot of iPhone 6s like technologies”

So that was a flash back at 2015 for Huawei. We will get to know more today what exactly Huawei will be up to. Huawei is competing with itself here and its capacity in moving out new phones every 6 months. That may look like a desperate attempt to get attention but their devices are really good as long as their software is clean.


“It seems like Huawei is competing with itself”

Since the Nexus 6P is made by Huawei, this gives them a fixed point to market and enter in the US. Its crowded like any other smartphone region and I’ll be really curious to see why and how they meet their goals. The Nexus 6P was running clean Android and I wonder if Huawei will go with clean android. Probably not but an update to their Android skin is much-needed.

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