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Published on December 18th, 2015 | by Yasser Masood


Review: Meet The Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder

Panasonic has been known for their consumer electronics product range, and you can’t afford to ignore their camera and camcorder lineup. We thought we’d take one of their flagship camcorders for a spin – the HC V770 – see if it warrants your attention. With the holiday season already abound, you may want to find something to capture those moments.

Quality and experience

It’s always the top criterion whenever it comes to deciding on a camera/camcorder. Daylight performance is superb for both photos and videos. One gripe has been that auto-focus took a bit of time to adjust while zooming, but all it takes is a slight move to correct it.

Low Light performance in the night is always a challenge, but Panasonic did hold up really well when I put it to the test at The Pearl Qatar. Using both the standard and the backlit compensation option, it’s obviously packing a punch in such a small form factor and at its price.

Slow-motion video is on the rise, and Panasonic allows you to capture it at full 1080p. You can record it either in intervals (you get 3 chances to use it at your discretion by pressing and holding an on-screen button per recording clip) or always-on (all slow-motion from start to finish). How does the slow-motion recording look? We took it for a test drive in the following video.

The entire LCD display is touch responsive, so it allows you to bring up any settings and switches. It doesn’t even clutter up the display. However, responsiveness for the navigation felt a bit sluggish and even the small delay it took to register the on-screen touch. A minor gripe that won’t stop me from using it.

The UI on the Panasonic HC-V770 keeps it minimal

The UI on the Panasonic HC-V770 is minimal, yet other options pop out whenever you interact with the touch LCD.

Holding the unit in hand, it didn’t feel bulky at all and the necessary buttons are easily reachable. Felt robust and sturdy, but don’t expect it to be rugged like a GoPro in its casing.

Panasonic camcorder + smartphone/tablet

One of the great features with this camcorder is that you can use your smartphone/tablet as a additional camera with the actual camcorder unit. That opens up even more possibilities of recording video (think of your smartphone as an alternate camera angle). However, you’ll have to make sure that you’re within the range for it to connect.


Whether it’s an iOS or Android powered device, all you need is the official Panasonic Image App from the iOS App Store or Google Play (depending on which one you own). The very same app can also be used as a remote control from a distance. Rather than dismissing them, Panasonic is embracing smartphones/tablets as a worthy companion to extend the camcorder’s usability.

You can also copy your videos/photos from the camcorder to your smartphone/tablet, especially if you want to immediately edit/publish them or show them for review.

Battery Life

With frequent usage, you can expect the battery to not last that long. I managed to get an hour of use before plugging it back for another charge, as stated by Panasonic on their website. Good thing there’s a bigger battery pack sold separately; that could easily net you extra time before another full charge.

Panasonic HC-V770 power adapter

Looking for a quick charge on the go? Remove the USB end from the adapter and connect it to a computer/power pack

If you every feel that the camera is running out of power and needs an urgent charge, the bundled power adapter has an extra surprise – you can remove one end of the cable and connect it to your computer/power pack via USB.


With many brands out there who may try to sideline smartphones in favour of their dedicated product, Panasonic shows that your only limitation is how you want to capture and share your memories. Smartphones may have taken over as our daily pocket cameras, but you can’t forget that camcorders still have their special place and usefulness.

This is one camcorder you can buy with assurance that you’ll get more than what you’ll expect for its price. I’m giving it my seal of approval.

You can find this across the Middle East at your nearest Panasonic outlet.

We’ll be looking at the 4K HC-WX970 in our next review. Although there are some differences between both models, we’ll be more focused on its meteoric 4K capabilities.

I wanted to extend a personal Thank You to Panasonic Middle East for helping to provide a review units in Qatar. Our team in the UAE is always busy, and they’ve been supportive to provide a unit for our team here in Qatar.

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