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Grammarly : Review

People love to write, and they want to get better at it with every new sentence. Writing is a form of expressing what’s in your heart, be it for a personal blog, private journal, academically or for a major website.
There are different stages of writing;
– Prewriting
– Drafting
– Revision
– Proofreading and finally,
– Publishing

How about a service that can take care of proofreading combined with your writing skills and accentuating it to new levels with Grammarly Checking Services.

A San Francisco-based company named Grammarly Inc. has aimed to achieve that by trying to be an assistant to your writing.

Enter Grammarly-

Signing up for the service is no rocket science. First off you get a free version to play with but with limited functionalities. For advanced features, the option you would want to go for is Premium version.

But worry not, you can sign up for the Premium version and get your money back if you are not satisfied with the services within seven days.

For pricing click here.

One thing I was curious to know was when can we expect to get the mobile version of Grammarly as it will not let you open the service in a mobile browser.

I wish they come up with an app for Android/iOS and boost its functionalities to serve more than a writing app (maybe something like Evernote).

“If you use a mobile device, we can’t guarantee that it will work. Our products are not specifically designed to work on your mobile device or tablet. At this time, neither the iPad nor iPhone is supported, although you may be able to access our software on these devices.”
Nikolas Baron, Online Team.

I wish they come up with an app for Android/iOS and boost its functionalities to serve more than a writing app (maybe something like Evernote).

User Interface

The interface is kept quite minimal with few tabs on the left horizontally.
– My Grammarly tab is the home button and takes you to your notes.
– The next tab allows you to make a new, paste or upload a note.
– Followed by the copy and download tab that downloads your note to .txt file format.
– Next is where you can assign the type of article you are working on and under that Grammarly’s primary grammar oriented on/off switches reside.
– Plagiarism finds unoriginal text against the database of over 8 billion web pages.
– Every writer wishes for a vast vocabulary, and the last tab Vocabulary Enhancement helps you with that.

Contextual Spelling

Just like MS Word, this feature corrects the standard spelling errs like its/it’s, dont/don’t, youre/you’re, but the only thing here that’s different is “everything”. 😛
Grammarly takes it to another level by efficiently analyzing the context of the sentence and suggest corrections accordingly like affect/effect, there/their, lose/loose and many others.


This function tests for subject-verb agreement, misused articles, consistent verb forms and many grammar rules that I didn’t even know about and did it effortlessly. The checking time depends on the internet speed.


Pretty simple tool but heavily useful if you are like me and are prone to miss those commas and semicolons here and there.

Sentence Structure

Maybe the best feature of the lot, it identifies wrong word order and incorrect sentence structure.


Getting verbose with your writing is quite reasonable. This feature helps you to keep that under check and explains where and why is a sentence in question.


Finds unoriginal text by checking against a database of over 8 billion web pages. Grammarly also has a Plagiarism Checker, which may be useful if you’re writing academic documents or reviewing a peer’s work.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 22.14.24

Vocabulary Enhancement

Suggests different words to diversify your writing.

Is It Any Good?

Not perfect, but good enough.
The service is precisely what any writer would want, the usage of the application and functionality will differ from person to person. But one thing is clear, once you start using it you will feel like writing more and more and expanding your horizon of grammar knowledge and testing it. Trying out new styles of writing and to find out what Grammarly thinks about it. In between, the app stops working and shows a message on the top that “the checking service is temporarily unavailable”. Happened to me twice to be exact.

Is It Any Good?

Not perfect, but good enough.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 23.23.24


– Grammarly Add­in for Microsoft Office Suite. The add­in combines the power of Grammarly’s automated proofreading technology with Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Outlook. Recently Grammarly  also launched a Windows and Mac based desktop app.
– Chrome/Safari Extension helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, Linkedin, and mostly anywhere you write on the Web.

Who Can Make The Most Out Of This App?

Maybe, someone who considers oneself a novice writer and wants to get better at it with guidance, this tool can be hard to forbear. I don’t see professional writers getting solely dependent on this, but can use it for Level One proofread.
Also, great for people who want to learn more about technical aspects of grammar, thanks to Grammarly’s extensive knowledge base.

Grammarly Insights

Once a week you will receive e-mail from Grammarly telling you
– How many words you wrote.
– How many mistakes you made.
– How dynamic your grammar is getting.
– Your top grammar mistakes.
– And finally with a tip of the week.

Still Not Happy With The Results?

You can opt for their Paid Human Proofread Service, which corrects grammar and spelling issues.

Final Verdict

A useful tool, but not essential for every writer.
Grammarly wants to teach us about writing and grammar than just trying to be an automatic text editing tool.

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