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Published on September 5th, 2015 | by Yasser Masood


Twitter expands self-service Ads platform to more countries

Twitter has officially announced that they’ve expanded the availability of their self-service ads platform to more than 200 countries and regions. Prior to the expansion, only 33 select countries spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas were able to use it. The expanded availability represents more than 80% of countries worldwide that can now use it.

As Twitter’s Middle East office recently opened under the leadership of Benjamin Ampen, this recent announcement may serve as an impetus to drive further adoption of their advertising platform across the region.

Rollout of Twitter Ads

The official announcement was made via the official Twitter blog, though there wasn’t an exhaustive list of newly added countries and regions in the announcement. Out of the 200+ countries that are now eligible, we’ve managed to filter out those that include the Middle East and North Africa regions:

  • Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Turkey
  • North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, and Libya

With our team having tested out the advertising platform, we’ve discovered that not all targeting options may be available to the expanded regions. We’ve discovered that users in UAE and Saudi Arabia will be able to target their ads by mobile carrier (e.g. promoted tweets in the UAE to users on du), which is currently not available in Qatar.

Visiting the Twitter Ads page, you can now see more countries in the sign up process.

Visiting the Twitter Ads page, you can now see more countries (including some from the Middle East) in the sign up process.

Notably absent from the expanded include Kuwait and Oman. Although this may upset individuals/brands based in those markets, they may be included in the next phase of the Twitter Ads rollout.

For small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and individual users in the region, this will be a boon for everyone as they can start using it. You can start using it by visiting the Twitter Ads page and following the steps to complete the setup with your Twitter account.

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