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du concludes successful testing its IoT network

du has announced the successful completion of tests on its IoT network. The low energy network, LoRaWAN, will help relay data across sensors that will be plugged into a variety of everyday objects such as street lighting, parking, and more. This will help these sensors speak to each other and make our city a truly smart one.

This is a defining moment in the UAE’s Smart City transformation.” – Carlos Domingo, Senior Executive Officer, New Businesses & Innovation, du

In addition to data on individual points, the network will also allow for large patterns to emerge on consumption and traffic levels. The LoRa network is built for these sensors as it allows for devices with lower power consumption to connect with each other over long ranges. This is in contrast to existing network protocols, for example WiFi, which has a relatively shorter range and a higher power requirement.

Carlos Domingo, Senior Executive Officer, New Businesses & Innovation, du, said: “This is a defining moment in the UAE’s Smart City transformation. We need a new breed of ‘sensor friendly’ network to establish the Smart City ecosystem – thanks to du, this capability now exists in the UAE.

You can find out more about the LoRaWAN technology here.

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