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Published on August 26th, 2015 | by Varuna Singh


UAE Companies Should Think on Mobile Security

In a report by Aruba networks (an HP Company), the UAE is on par with countries in Asia that are at risk. These companies do not necessarily follow safe “employee habits” when it comes to technology and mobile devices.

Over a third of corporations do not have a corporate mobile security policy.

According to the report the top five at risk regions are Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, China and the UAE. The top five risk averse regions are Sweden, USA, Canada, UK and Norway. The research suggests a higher predisposition towards at risk behavior among workers in what may be described as economically emergent countries.

Currently there aren’t any guidelines for IT security and this is normally handled from organisation to organisation. While this isn’t critically bad, it is time that corporations small or large have a look at their security and IT structure. The UAE desires to be in the top 10 of World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. It is currently ranked 22nd in the 2015 index. A paragraph from the report: “The growth in these developing, fast-fring countries is apparently unbridled at times… more developed countries exhibited employee behaviors the represented less risk.. ”

The Sharing.. Security/Risks.. Economy?

In the report, the risk prone countries are most likely to express a distrust towards their IT teams, admit to disobeying bosses in order to complete tasks, have lost company data due to the misuse of a mobile, use the fewest amount of passwords to protect devices and are most likely to use jail-broken devices.

“While risks can be bad, it can be good for business” – Aruba Regional Manager

In an interesting response, Aruba Network’s Regional Manager Saadi Kawkji  argued that while the region has higher risks, the region is benefiting from embracing new technologies. He even added that sharing passwords presents an “interesting productivity vs security challenge for IT managers” and that “conservative westernised markets should take note of” this.

It could be vital for the region to be more secure in some areas to reach the top 10. While productivity is high, it becomes very tempting to ignore the risks. Security is about that balance of being conservative and flexible at the same time. With Aruba network’s justification, it is important to realise  that trends like IoT, BYOD, Mobile Banking are growing in the region.

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