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Sony Mobile announces SmartBand 2 with Heart Rate sensor

Sony this week announced an update to their SmartBand wearable band. The SmartBand 2 like its predecessor is screen-less fitness band capable of measuring your heart rate, notify you on email, calls and other notifications on your phone with interchangeable silicone straps. The SmartBand 2 uses LEDs and subtle vibrations to alert and notify you.


“SmartBand 2 gives you Stress, Health and Excitement insights”

The SmartBand 2 has a decent battery of about 48 hours or 2 days that takes 1 hour to charge completely. Its multi-sensor core’s accelerometer and heart rate work together to monitor pulse and heart rate variability that insights stress, fitness and even excitement. Sony has a Lifelog app on Android that keeps the progress synced much like other smart wearables. The Lifelog in addition can log pretty much everything else you do with your phone. For example, if you were excited by listening to that solo riff or if you were sad getting a selfie clicked.

SonyLifelg app

“Automatic sleep detection, IP68 waterproofing”

With notifications support, the SmartBand 2 also allows you to control the music from your phone or tablet from the watch with taps on the screen. You can tap on the screen to play/pause, foreword, rewind. One welcome feature is automatic sleep detection. You do not have to tell the SmartBand 2 when you are going to sleep. It will automatically figure that out. It won’t do that because of you snoring, as it doesn’t have a microphone. The SmartBand 2 is waterproof with a 3m depth IP68 rating.

Proximity sensor and Android / iOS support

Another brilliant feature is that the SmartBand 2 will alert you if you step away from your phone for long and notify you if you have left your phone. It will alert you if you are more than 10 meters from your connective device. Speaking of devices, the SmartBand 2 will work with any Android device with KitKat and any iPhone with iOS 8.2 and above. It uses standard micro USB port for charging and not a proprietary port and cable that almost every other company hasn’t figured out standards.


“Smarter than a FitBit”

The SmartBand is more like the FitBit than any other kind. Sure there are plenty of new and old fitness bands as well. The FitBit Flex HR is does heart rate and does have a screen of its own. It does not do proximity sensing or even notifications which doesn’t really make it smart. The SmartBand 2 is also cheaper than the Fitbit. That’s what the Sony SmartBand 2 is trying to be- a smarter fitness band and in its second iteration introduces heart rate that kind of makes sense if you are into knowing how excited you get after making that presentation.


Estimated price between AED450 – AED500

The Sony Mobile’s SmartBand 2 will be available in September in the region for an estimated price of AED 475. The band will come in Black and White. Additional colors: Pink and Indigo will come shortly after. The SmartBand 2 has some really neat tricks like proximity sensing and Excitement sensing on its Lifelog application. It doesn’t offer much to be seen on the screen as its more of a fitness band than a watch. You can however control your phone’s music and it has a good battery life.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below. Sony Mobile also has two other smart wearables: The SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch 3.


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