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Du gets access to fixed-line networks

Du has been lobbying to get access to existing networks for quite some time now. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has been working on allowing fixed-line network sharing since 2009 but this initiative has mainly been delayed due to technical challenges. But now Du has announced that the UAE fixed-line network has finally been opened to competition.

The mobile landscape opened up in 2007 and most people can say that the competition has boded well for the consumer. The skeptics will be fast to point out that both the organizations are partly owned by Emirates Investment Authority and say, “what difference does it really make”, but one can never tell whether that is a hindrance or an aid to the progress that the TRA has made in order to open up the telecom operators landscape.

For now, the fixed-line network has only opened up for telephone and internet lines. Television will soon be followed in 2016. People looking to move their accounts and carry out billing on one operator will breathe a sigh of relief as they will now be allowed to move to the operator of their choice instead of being limited by their location. Please comment below if you disagree, but we believe dealing with one telco operator is definitely better than having to deal with two.

Du has said that the transition to infrastructure sharing will be rolled out in phases and they are currently limiting the number of customers that will be allowed to switch operators per month. This number will increase in the following months.

The TRA successfully completed Mobile Number Portability last year and we were very delighted with the initiative. Now all that is left to do is allow MVNO’s to enter the market. We all want Google Fi don’t we?

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