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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Yasser Masood


Social Media during Ramadan 2015

With Ramadan already underway across the globe, you can’t ignore the digital marketing and social media engagement opportunities it brings every year. Twitter and Facebook see their share of activity, Instagram will see food-related content by users, and YouTube video viewership spikes with new video content.

Keeping last year’s activity in mind, many of these platforms have brought on new improvements and features to capitalise on the momentum for this year. Here’s what we’ve discovered that would be greatly beneficial for Middle east users.

Target Ramadan engaged users on Facebook

This year, Facebook has added a Ramadan target cluster on the Facebook ads dashboard. It’ll be updated every 24 hours based on user engagement activity and can also be combined with other targeting options (demographics, geography, interests, etc.). You can use it for the Middle East and North Africa regions, which are key markets where Ramadan is heavily celebrated. Expect plenty of Facebook ads in the News Feed from various brands having a dedicated presence in the Middle East.

Wondering how did such a targeting feature even come to life? Look no further than this neat infographic highlighting Ramadan activity by Facebook.

Ramadan and Facebook

Ramadan and Facebook (Photo credit: Facebook)

Return of the Twitter Hashflags

If you recall in 2014, Twitter launched hashflags during the FIFA World Cup 2014 that added a country’s flag to a hashtag. After that, they extended it to Ramadan 2014 for English and Arabic. Compared to 2013, it sent the volume of tweets to more than 214M worldwide.

Twitter has brought it back this year and also added Iftar to the group as well.

Food tends to be one of the most discussed topics on Twitter 24/7, courtesy of some info shared by Twitter. You can expect many food photos/videos to take up the majority of the content on the hashtags.

Just like last year, they’ll last until the end of Ramadan, along with Eid. With the addition of #Iftar, maybe this year’s tweet volume may even exceed 2014’s global record.

Snapchat joins the celebrations

A total of 5 cities have been featured on Snapchat’s Live Stories section in the past few months: Riyadh, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and most recently Doha. If you’ve recently posted a snap and tried to select any of the filters, you’ll have likely stumbled on a new filter for Ramadan.

Ramadan filter on Snapchat

Ramadan filter on Snapchat

We don’t know how many other countries can see this new filter. However, it’s likely available to all the cities in the Middle East that have been featured on Snapchat. Maybe we’ll see many people sharing private snaps or adding it to their ‘My Story’.

My Ramadan Companion by Google

Google/YouTube always gets into the Ramadan spirit with something new, and this year they’ve taken it up a notch. They’ve launched My Ramadan Companion – a one-stop online portal tailored to each user that provides the following

  • Customized and locally relevant information, tips, and other content
  • Find out the sunset time in your location and plan your day accordingly
  • Check out the traffic in your area (especially when you’re heading back for Iftar)
  • Navigate to the closest charity Iftar
  • Find and share food recipes
  • Watch Ramadan content on YouTube ranging from drama series, comedy sketches, and health tips to stay fit during the 30 days of fasting
  • and much more.
My Ramadan Companion by Google

My Ramadan Companion by Google

The portal can also be accessed on your mobile devices, and also integrates with Google Now and your location for many more things like: finding Halal restaurants near you, countdown to Iftar, latest Ramadan news and information, and more.

Making it even more special for Android users in the Middle East, Google has also curated a selection of Ramadan-related essential apps on Google Play.

With all these improvements being made available to the public during Ramadan, let us know how you’ve used them in the comments below.

Image credit: Ramadan and Facebook (Facebook for Business), Ramadan Companion (Google blog)

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