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Tesla Announces Petrol Powered Model S for the Middle East

Elon Musk has just announced on his Twitter account that Tesla will be producing a Petrol powered Model S specifically for the Middle East.

In a press release published right after Elon’s tweet, he said that the decision to stray away from the Battery Powered tech was motivated by the fact that low petrol prices in Middle East will mean electricity costs for charging the battery will prove to be twice as expensive. In order to maximize the petrol usage, the Middle East spec’ed Model S will have Petrol Tank openings on both sides.

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Special Park Assist feature

In addition to that, the local version of the Tesla Model S will feature a Park Assist feature that lets the car automatically park itself covering two spaces. Tesla says they’re doing their best to adapt to the region’s unique requirements.

Finally, the Middle East spec’ed Model S will feature  foot massagers for the comfort of the driver. These will be placed on either side of the steering wheel. As a safety feature, only one foot massager can be activated at a given time, unless the Autopilot Mode is on, in which case, both the foot massagers can run simultaneously.

A Special Limited Edition Gold Edition Superfast Edition Edition will have the ability to balance itself on two side wheels with the push of a button. Only 645 units of this model will be produced and in order to purchase the Special Limited Edition Gold Edition Superfast Edition Edition, you would have to be a certified owner of an exotic animal.

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