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How To: Use RTA’s Smart Parking App

Gone are the days of scrambling for coins, searching for the orange parking meter, loading them up with coins and cursing at the damn thing when it rejects a couple of them! To be fair, RTA has been providing the mParking service to pay the parking ticket by simply sending an SMS, but that costs 30 fils more. For a miser like me, that’s 15% more. So I never really used mParking.

But RTA’s new Smart Parking app (Google Play link, Apple Store link) caught my miserly eye. If you register yourself, you can now pay for your parking without paying that extra 15%. If you don’t, you can still pay via SMS using the app. Let me walk you through it.

Step 1: Download the Smart Parking app and open it.

Smart Parking 1


Step 2: Registration

Open the app and click on ‘Register for SMART Parking’.

2015-01-09 10.37.11An RTA Registration screen will open up in which you need to fill in your personal details. Keep your Emirates ID on hand. Also, make sure that in the Nationality field, you enter the name of the country you hail from, and not what you’re called. For eg. if you’re Indian, enter ‘India’ in the nationality field and not ‘Indian’.

2015-01-09 10.37.22 2015-01-09 10.38.21


Once you’re registered, you’ll have to verify your account by entering a 4 digit code that’s sent to the mobile number you entered during registration.

Step 3: Top-up your account

Once your account has been verified, you’ll be welcomed to the app’s home screen.

2015-01-09 10.40.33

Dismiss the ‘Tips’ by clicking anywhere and click on ‘Pay Parking Fee’. This is what you’ll see next.

2015-02-05 06.29.56

Click the ‘Top Up’ button and select the amount you’d wish to top up. The minimum is AED 30.

2015-02-05 06.30.03

An ePayment window will open up in which you need to fill in your credit card details.

2015-02-05 06.30.49

Once done, you’ll see a message like the one shown below. Click on the ‘Done’ button on the top right corner to close this window.

2015-02-05 06.38.41

Your payment will be processed.

2015-02-05 06.31.52

If successful, you’ll see something like the screenshot below and will also receive an email with the Transaction Number. Keep this for your records until the top-up amount is actually reflected in the Smart Parking app’s balance. Speaking from experience and a call to RTA’s helpline, sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the amount to show up into your account.

2015-02-05 06.32.17Step 4: Pay for your Parking Ticket

Once the amount is reflected in your account, you can go back to the main screen and click on ‘Click ‘N’ Park’.

2015-02-05 07.10.57


Click on ‘Select Plate’ to select or add the plate number of your car. You can save several plate numbers in your app.

2015-02-05 07.12.34

Click on ‘New+’, fill in your plate details and click on ‘Add’.2015-02-05 07.12.43 2015-02-05 07.13.09

Your plate will now show up as below. You can add more plates by clicking on ‘New+’ and following the above procedure.

2015-02-05 07.13.31

Once your plate has been added, make sure you check that the parking zone is correct. The parking zone is automatically selected based on your current location (determined by the app using GPS). 99% of the time, it’s accurate, but in my area, I have 2 zones that are close to each other – 317A and 317B. If you’re parked in 317A, you need to manually select it by clicking the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) in the ‘Zone Details’ section.2015-02-05 07.13.46
2015-02-05 07.14.13 2015-02-05 07.14.23


That’s it! Hit the ‘Pay’ button and you’re all set!

Tip: If you’ve paid for an hour and want to renew your parking ticket, wait for 10 minutes and then re-pay the ticket. Else, you’ll be charged AED 3 (counted as an extension of the previous ticket) instead of AED 2 (new ticket).



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