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Published on February 5th, 2015 | by Varuna Singh


Hands on with RTA Dubai Mall Smart Parking App

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has been very pro-active in mobilizing almost every aspect of owning a car in Dubai, UAE. The RTA Smart Parking app which is used by thousands of users in Dubai recently got an update with real-time parking stat and guides in parking at the famous Dubai Mall.

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RTA has also enabled MPay and carrier payment previously for paying parking fees.

This recent update is present in the smart parking app itself and it allows  you to, in-advance, decide where you want to park. The app gives you live stat on the number of parking spaces available.

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The app now includes Dubai Mall parking as an option. When you click on it, the three parking entrances will appear: Cinema Parking, Fashion Parking and Grand Parking. For each section a percentage of occupancy is given. The visitor can select the entrance based on these numbers.” said Maitha bin Adai , CEO of Traffic and Road Agency.

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The Smart Parking app also allows you to remember your parking spot by noting it down.

The app is also smart enough to give you turn by turn navigation to the Dubai mall parking zone available as per your selection pre-hand.

RTA does not advise you to drive while using your phone and it is pretty evident in the way you use the application. Not only does RTA’s Smart Parking app give you an alert while starting the app, but with features to navigate yourself to the spot and saving your location it enables visitors to Dubai mall to better enhance their experience.

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We tried this app and the data is real-time. It even tells you when was the last time the stat is from. We were always given live stats minutes apart from requesting the data.

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Technically speaking, we wish RTA publicized the API for this, to enable developers make interesting experiences with this data.

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For now, you are confined in using the RTA Smart Parking app. We are also glad to see RTA and Dubai mall making the feature available in one app. The same app guides you to pay parking by the app as well as check other locations for parking spaces.

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Dubai mall is not the only area that gives you live stats on parking availability. RTA has some areas apart from Dubai mall, on Sheikh Zayed Road as well as in and around Deira to help drivers in the city.

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The Dubai mall app has also been updated to show a live 3D map of the parking and shopping zones. It also has a feature where it will guide you from your shop to your parking. The 3D view looks good, however we weren’t able to activate any navigation around it. We were better off asking and walking by looking at the directions in the mall. Its still a good feature to have, however it could be more intuitive.

Dubai Mall App Parking

We welcome the new RTA Smart Parking feature, and we hope the API is public as well more malls and areas around the city. Perhaps Media city next, RTA?

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