Published on January 5th, 2015 | by Bhavishya Kanjhan

Parrot RNB gives you Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in your car

There’s been a lot of talk and excitement over Google and Apple’s upcoming car integration. For the most part, we’ll be seeing these in new cars, but there’s a select set of companies working on bringing these to existing cars. This can be done with after market units; these systems can be installed in your existing car.

And while most manufacturers may be supporting one operating system in the car/unit, Parrot demo-ed the RNB – its after market car unit that supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Your existing car can now get an infotainment system upgrade

Parrot’s RNB replaces your existing in-car entertainment system completely and is hooked into your car’s systems with deep integration. You can interact with the unit via its 7″ touch screen. It features its own operating system which supports full HD dash cameras (with recording and time-lapse), lane assist, and a host of other features like audio equaliser settings and fader.

The interface of the RNB is stunning, but if you’re not happy with that then just connect whatever Android or Apple smartphone you have and you’ll be able to access the Android Auto and CarPlay systems directly

The unit has a broad range of connectivity options including digital radio, HDMI, high speed USB, Ethernet  and OBD2 port for driving diagnostic information.

The Parrot RNB promises to be an incredible product with extensive capabilities. It’ll likely be premium priced, just like Parrot’s products usually are; it will sure beat the hell out of buying a new car though.

It will be available ‘later this year’, and Parrot was unwilling to share any price details for it.

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