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Chevrolet Announces Chevrolet Volt at CES 2015

Smart cars is a term many automakers try to adopt in their vehicle line up – usually in their flagship models. We’ve gotten the chance to see what Chevrolet have been upto in the past few months.

With 900 miles+ on current Chevrolet Volt models, Chevrolet have surprised us with a showcase of the next generation Chevrolet Volt at CES 2015.

We’ve seen how OnStar connectivity with 4G LTE provides a Social Media hub on Chevrolet cars. Together with OnStar, Chevrolet have launched AtYourService, a commerce and engagement offering that connects drivers with retailers and merchants on their drive, providing information, convenience and money-saving values tied to their specific destinations. They’ve partnered with coupon providing websites like and Entertainment Book which would supply retail and shopping coupons. This of course will be available only in the US for the time being.

Chevrolet have also announced a new Driver Assurance system for customers ‘later this year’. With the Driver Assurance system, based on predictive technology, drivers will be alerted on issues with critical components in their cars need attention, mostly before any vehicle performance is impacted.

Chevrolet App

Using this system, Chevrolet can monitor and alert drivers before any issues arise, especially with the battery, starter motor or fuel pump. The service will be first implemented in vehicles like Tahoe, Subarban, Corvette, Silverado and a few more.


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