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Published on September 27th, 2014 | by Yasser Masood


iPhone 6 and 6 Plus officially available in Qatar

At 12:01 am (local time) Ooredoo Qatar and Vodafone Qatar began selling the iPhone to eager consumers, as it joined the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia in the second wave of releases by Apple across the world.

Although both telecoms had pre-orders live at least one week before the launch date, the overwhelming demand for the new models meant that pre-order stock would have been sold out. In addition, both telecom operates also allowed people to queue up before midnight to allow people to collect their pre-orders and immediate purchase for any stock that is available.

As Ooredoo Qatar and Vodafone Qatar both held midnight launch events, we managed to attend the one at Ooredoo Qatar’s Airport HQ (it’s the nearest to my place) and had the chance to enter the outlet before the crowd.

Ooredoo Qatar’s Airport HQ launch

A good number of local influencers were invited early to have of buying the new iPhone. Seeing as I was upgrading from my 4S, I chose the 64GB Space Grey iPhone 6. In the mean time, Ooredoo Qatar had set up barricades to ease in the crowd when they enter to make their purchase or collection. The crowd did start building up as the midnight launch approached quick. Soon, the crowd started to fill in as queues were setup for those who had to collect and those who wanted to purchase.


Leading up to the launch, Ooredoo Qatar also made a good number of 4G announcements. We haven’t seen any iPhone related announcements to encourage new buyers, but that doesn’t mean that Oooredoo hasn’t planned one yet.

Yesterday’s launch event unfolded on Twitter,  and you can recap yesterday’s midnight launch from the timeline below

Vodafone Qatar’s Villaggio iPhone launch

Though we weren’t able to attend Vodafone Qatar’s launch event, Twitter was already packed with photos from their Villaggio branch. As malls usually close around midnight, it would seem peculiar that Vodafone Qatar’s branch there would have easily kept the doors open for people to buy a new phone. Some said that the line stretched all they way from their store to Haagen Dazs.

Just to show you the scale of the launch queue, here’s a nice tweet that captures it

Celebrating the occasion, Vodafone Qatar also made some 4G related announcements for those buying the new iPhone at their outlets:

  1. 12 months of free unlimited data for existing/new RED customers
  2. Postpaid customers get 15GB of free data/month for 3 months
  3. Prepaid customers get 6Gb of free data/month for 3 months
  4. Non-Vodafone customers moving their number to the Vodafone Qatar network would receive free unlimited data for 90 days

The above offer ends on 27th December 2014, and it sounds too good to resist if you’re hungry for more data. You can visit their official page for more details.

Although both telecom operators held simultaneous launch events, we noticed that there was no difference in pricing of the different iPhone models. both operators were competing with value-added perks to incentivise purchases from their outlets. If you’re wondering about the pricing for the different models, look no further than our table below

Storage capacityiPhone 6iPhone 6 Plus
16 GBQAR 2,799QAR 3,199
64 GBQAR 3,199QAR 3,599
128 GBQAR 3,599QAR 3,999

If you’re looking to buy one, it’s best you avoid the grey market outlets which sell them at a much higher starting price. Got questions about 4G compatibility? Check out our 4G LTE guide for more details.

So, which model will you buy?

JadoPado is selling the iPhone 6 on their website here.


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