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Samsung clarifies SIM lock restriction for the UAE

It was announced recently that Samsung is going to start SIM locking devices to a region (not operator) in order to combat the parallel imports of devices into the region. This brought up a lot of issues and questions and Samsung has released a statement clarifying them.

Samsung is not implementing the SIM lock for devices in the UAE, however devices bought abroad will have the SIM lock restriction. It would seem that Samsung devices are being brought in through grey import rather than being exported outside.

With the SIM Lock, the device will only work when using  a SIM Card that is from the region that the device was purchased in. So if you were to purchase a device from UK, you will have to use a UK Telco SIM card to activate your phone. However once activated, the device will be unlocked and you can use any international SIM card for when you go roaming.

Samsung says if an invalid SIM card is used, the device will be locked and can only be unlocked by the local service centre.

Samsung says it is taking this step to “highlight the importance of buying local devices from authorized retailers to avoid issues with international network configurations”

In summary, if you’re buying a SAMSUNG device from an unauthorized distributor, you may want to check where the device is coming in from.

The SIM lock was introduced with the GALAXY Note 3 but will also come to the GALAXY Note 2, GALAXY S3, GALAXY S4 and the GALAXY S4 Mini, through software updates.

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