Published on May 14th, 2013 | by The TechView Team

White Google Nexus 4 caught on video

Look what showed up at a conference in Dubai, the white Google Nexus 4 in all its glory. We’ve taken a video of it and made it available for your lusting. The device was a demo unit at the Qualcomm booth at The Mobile Show so don’t expect retail availability anytime soon – that is unless Google announces something else tomorrow at the Google I/O event. Back to the white Nexus 4, the device looks great on the back and may actually give the black Nexus 4 a run for its money. However the front is still black and takes the charm away from the device. The internals were pretty much the same and the device was running an older version of Android – 4.2 to be precise.

Edit: We’ve had another look at the device and the storage is 16GB. It may be that this device is a 16GB one and there may be a 32GB one which we haven’t seen. Or it may just be that the White Nexus 4 has been a limited edition all along that is available only to very select developers. Maybe, just maybe the white Nexus 4 will never see retail release. At this point, all we can do is speculate.

White Nexus 4 16GB


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