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Published on October 1st, 2012 | by The TechView Team


Hello World! How’s the view from there?

A big hello to you, world! We at TechView are very excited to formally launch our site – an idea that’s been in our minds for a very long time. As lifelong technology enthusiasts, we’ve obsessed over every gadget, application and service launch. Logo

We’ve always wanted to contribute back but we didn’t want to be another me-too gadget blog. That is one of the basic principles we are basing TechView on; expect no recycled and rehashed technology news found on a million other websites.

Secondly, we believe there is a lot of technology creation and consumption happening in our region (Middle East and Indian Subcontinent) and there isn’t due attention being given to that. We aim to bring out the stories and news from our region and place it up front and centre; the second principle on which we’re basing our site.

What you should expect from us, and hold us accountable to, is original content on all things technology – gadgets, startups, mobile, social networks and media, telecommunications and more – from within the region. We will also feature headline news from the international markets but will always try and add a regional flavor or local relevance to it.

Once again we’re really excited about this and we hope we can rub some off it on you too. Please do subscribe to our RSS feed, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and tell all your friends.

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The TechView team consists of individuals that suffer from a malignant obsession of technology.

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